Monastery Ždrebaonik

If you read the story written about monastery John valley, maybe you have noticed the same friend group. Miloš, Sara, Nevena, Dragutin and Marinko. Our paths of joy leads us to Ždrebaonik monastery. Get ready, we’re about to start.

Ждребаоник има дивног свеца,

Светог, Арсенија Сремца.

Ученика светог Саве,

наше вјере православне.

Ждребаоник највише воле дјеца,

воле Христа, воле свеца.

Хитро трче да се моле,

дјеца Христа, много воле.

This time, we decided to take a train. When we arrived at the trail station, we saw brother Miloš. He was waiting for us. This time as well, he was the one most excited to go to this sanctuary. ‘’What a beautiful monastery, when are we going? Let’s go tomorrow’’ he would say. All of these invitations revealed how much love he carries for the sanctuaries.

Sara and Nevena arrived at the station very soon, we bought the tickets, and went into the train, waiting for departure. We went to create another unforgettable story. We were about to arrive at our destination after thirty minutes of our fine ride.

“Train is my favourite transport, here we are, Danilovgrad station” Said Marinko when we arrived. “Everyone will enjoy a 1km walk” he added. Not so long after, we arrived at the monastery.

The garden of the monastery was filled with peace and happiness. We noticed a lamb that was cheerfully running.

Soon after, the abbess arrived, she brought a key and invited us to enter the church. The relics of Saint Arsenije Sremac attracted our attention. Everyone stared with such excitement and joy. This saint is the heir of the saint Sava. The saint Sava saw his peacefulness and hard work in the ascetism and obedience, so according to that this saint became the second Serbian archbishop. When we saw the relics and the hand of saint Arsenije we didn’t want to leave the church. So we ask ourselves, where does incorruption come from, where does such a heavenly scent of eternity come from? The answer is: The faith of orthodox Christian is the faith in Christ and eternal life.

The nuns hosted us. They invited us to the guest room and offered us food and drinks. After the fine and educational conversation with them, we went for a walk and looked around the monastery garden. As we walked we were watching the goats, therefore we went to them.

Goats looked at us very surprised, noticing that we joke a bit more. Most of them backed into the corner. After that we visited geese and ducks and the other animals. We were walking through the orchard and took some juicy domestic apples. Even now we can remember that taste.

When we came back to the church, we saw a swing for the children who regularly visit the monastery.

“We are the children of Christ too!” Said Dragutin, while he and Miloš were already swinging.

This story, as others, will remain unforgettable. All these mesmerizing sanctuaries and The Lord allowed us to write and also live it. We will always gladly remember and talk about them. I think that is something that we can call a “true value”.

            Farewell to the next story, with the paths of joy!

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