Paths of joy to John valley

  There is a place in Niksic, far from eyes, even far from town, but again close to one’s which heart’s wish to visit it. Knowing this, we invited a couple of friends we knew were eagerly waiting to go there. The great fortification and satisfaction for the spiritual life is there where the heart and soul can rest, there where the birds sing the most beautiful songs. Peace is their song, and in a place like this even the stone glorifies God.


Пробуди се брате, Христос нас зове!

Идемо на стазе нове.

Христос зове и тебе сестро,

да идемо на свето мјесто.

Зове да идемо гдје светиња сија.

Тамо гдје душа постаје топлија,

тамо гдје ишчезава свако зло.

Зове да идемо у Јован до!

  This time we went in larger number, the two of us, Nevena, Sara and little brother Milos, who in fact was calling us for this pilgrimage the most.

-Life is simple and very beautiful. For happiness no money is necessary. What is necessary are the people which carry the love within themselves and are ready to share it.

Our path of joy started from the place where a man breathes with full lungs. Once you visit it, you must want to come back to it. The Emperor’s Bridge.

  The Emperor’s Bridge spoke of its own beauties, as well as about the holy royal family Romanov. It reminded us that we must not forget it is a gift from them, just like the temple of St. Basil in our city, and many other gifts given to us, the children of Saint Sava.

Admiring all these beauties, we were just feeling more and more joyful and fulfilled. We were happily greeting people we met along the way, who were in some way part of our pilgrimage. That’s how the lady, leading cows passed by us in the early morning, and Dragutin couldn’t help but ask:

– What are these two beauties called?

– Suzana and Dragulja! – Through a sincere smile, the lady said.

  We continued walking along our path when we noticed a Russian tower in the immediate vicinity. We took a break at the top of it.

  We had a beautiful view from the top of the tower, but the Sun was shining so strong, so we couldn’t stay there for too long.

We continued walking, thanking God at every step. The presence of Nevena, Sara and Milos made our path even more wonderful. Love reigned among us and the grace of God accompanied us in every moment.

Nature exuded some special ray. It’s like it was talking we should appreciate and preserve it all, not destroy it by throwing garbage.

-Let’s protect nature! We did not inherit it from our ancestors, but borrowed it from our descendants. – Marinko paraphrased the words of some philosopher.

Slivsko Lake captivated with its beauty.

  We were getting close to John valley and finally arrived after an hour of easy walking. We were amazed with the look that awaited us there, especially with the church dedicated to the birth of St. John the Baptist. This temple is considered to be one of the most beautifully built in the last two decades. A novice from the monastery Radislav came, for who we noticed looked like the Blessed Patriarch Pavle (Paul). The initiator for building this hermitage is the late father Lazar Adzic. The Nikcevic family donated the land to the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral, and it soon became a monastic settlement. Numerous monks from the Ostrog monastery come to rest in this shrine.

  Radislav was quiet, he answered our curious questions and gifted us all with big crosses. We were thrilled following him as he was doing his obedience. He stayed with us for a short time, but he did show us a lot, situated us in their inn and treated us to food and drink.

Cheerful, joyful and strengthened. We took pictures and continued along our path.

The path of joy is not the path we take to get to a certain place, the path of joy is our whole life. The thing is to choose are we going to run away from life and go some easier, but in fact very thorny paths for us. Talking about true values is redundant, we all know them very well. We need ourselves, we need one another. That way we will more easily overcome the slavery into which our negligence brings us to.

Searching for a path where love and joy do not stop, we realized that we are already walking on it.

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